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Arbor Artist offers a full range of services "for the personal care of your trees". Please scroll through the information below or choose a topic to the right and 'jump' to that section.


Disease & Pest Identification and Treatment:

 As we evaluate your trees, shrubs and woody perennials we can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of their overall health including identifying any disease or pests that may be damaging and/or shortening the lifespan of your valuable investment. Based on the overall health of the plant material and level of infestation we will make recommendations for treatments as part of your estimate.


Health Care:

Our primary goal is to help homeowners and businesses extend the life and increase the value of the trees and shrubs on their property. Plant Health Care is designed to not only enhance the aesthetic beauty of your trees but to maintain them for your safety and that of your property. PHC involves routine monitoring and preventative maintenance that may include pruning, watering recomendations during times of drought, preventative pesiticides based on invasive species in the area, etc. 


Lightning Protection:

Installed in mature trees, lightning protection is a system designed to protect your trees and surrounding property from damage due to lightning strikes by intercepting the strikes and re-directing their dangerous energy. They provide a path to ground for the electrical charge. These systems, when properly installed are invaluable on historic properties and farmland. The type of system (single ground rod, multiple ground system or horizontal ground system) would be determined by all the mitigating factors surrounding the tree as well.

Despite the value and additional safety these systems provide, one should not assume that any tree with one is now a SAFE place for humans to avoid lightning strikes.



 Putting on a new addition to your home? Building a new home on a wooded lot? We can help you determine if the trees on your property should be considered for protection based on their current health. Tree preservation will allow us to help you keep the existing mature trees on your property safe from construction damage and other hazards.  This process may include a combination of Plant Health Care and Pruning to ensure the tree is in the best possible condition during the construction process. Your tree may also require subsequent Plant Health Care upon completion of the construction. Additionally the root structure will be fenced off to prevent construction vehicles or heavy material loads from being placed to close and compacting the soil.



When you prune correctly, you encourage healthy growth and flowering (depending on the species), as well as aesthetic beauty. For most shrubs and trees, it helps to prune at the right time. Some are best pruned in winter; some right after flowering. There are various types of pruning to consider depending on your desired result. Each species of plants has its own unique growth pattern and may require one or more of the techniques below.

  • Crown Cleaning: This process involves removing dead, dying or diseased branches or seriously conflicting and rubbing limbs that will become problematic over the life of the tree.
  • Crown Reduction: This procedure is the proper way to reduce the overall height of a tree by selectively removing limbs while still allowing for continued healthy growth over the life of the tree. This should not be confused with "topping" which is not an accepted practice by the tree care industry.
  • Crown ThinningThis technique involves removing no more than 1/3 (one third) of the tree/shrub canopy to establish light penetration, allow air movement and reduce wind resistance (sail).
  • Elevation: This term refers to the process of removing lower limbs in order to bring the crown up for purposes of turf maintenance, pedestrian and other forms of traffic or increasing light penetration to the turf  for growth.
  • Structure Pruning: This technique is used on younger trees and saplings to help encourage strong, healthy growth habits and proper limb structure for the long term health of the tree.
  • Vista Pruning: This process involves removing selective limbs in order to achieve desired views of the landscape, traffic, walking paths or the backyard pool.



Unfortunately trees do not live forever and may need to be removed before reaching the end of their natural life span. If your tree is in decline or poses a hazard to structures or the general public, we can assess the most efficient manner to safely bring it to the ground. Our crew is capable of handling technical take-downs using ropes and rigging techniques and our own specialized equipment. If necessary we have established strong relationships with local crane companies to assist in close-quarters removals further ensuring the safety of your property and our crew.

If and when a removal is necessary, we will work with you to determine if a complete removal is needed or if some parts of the tree can be saved as a wildlife refuge or have the wood repurposed by local artisans and woodworkers.


Stump Grinding/Removal:

 Tree stumps can be hazardous and unsightly whether the tree was professionally removed or damaged unexpectedly. They can also pose a challenge for turf maintenance. With our specialized equipment we can grind out the stump to varying levels to accomodate your needs included replanting in the same area. To ensure your safety and that of our crew we will not grind any stumps without first contacting Miss Utility to mark any underground lines. Additionally we will talk with you to determine if there are any private utilities (i.e.; irrigation systems) that need to be considered prior to beginning any work.


Supplemental Support Systems (Cabling & Bracing): 

Cables and braces are supplemental supports which, when installed properly, may extend the life of a tree and provide you with peace of mind. The type of hardware used will be dependent on the structure of your tree and the desired outcome.